Country Homes

Your home in the Country

A country home is generally a home built on an un-serviced block, meaning along with the home construction the block requires one or all of the following:

  • Power connection over a longer run
  • Water tanks, pads and pumps
  • Waste systems to deal with the sewerage
  • Water/power for construction

When Regal Homes launched our country building service over 20 years ago, we created a “Country Pack”, to take care of all the additional items needed for a country build on an unserviced block.

When planning to build in the country, experience is key and is often the difference between a house simply thrown onto a block in the country and a home which has been thoughtfully designed and meticulously planned, with the demanding requirements of building in the country met.

There are some specific considerations that need to be taken into account when building in the country, we will run through these now.

The country home process

Soil Testing


Contours & Soil Test

To start the process of building in the country, Regal Homes will organise to have your soil, effluent and contour survey done so that we will then have the tools necessary to provide accurate information in estimating, designing and building your new country home.



Design Process

Once we have the reports and an estimate to build has been completed, it is time to pay the design fee and meet with the architect to start work on designing your new home. It is always good practice to have developed a “wish list” at this point, as these items will need to be considered in your estimate.

When your individual design is completed, our estimating team will accurately quote your new home, taking into account any additions, alterations or deletions that you may want to make from the standard inclusions and your “wish list” which will be itemised for your consideration.

Our estimating team will produce an initial proposal and then a revised proposal if need be, which will then be included into your building contract. At this stage, you will have made all of your selections and chosen any additional inclusions. It is important to note that Regal Homes do not use provisional sums in our building contracts, giving you peace of mind knowing everything has been costed, chosen and included in the final building contract – barring the presence of rock which we cannot foresee. (Speak to our consultant about this)


Contract & Plan Approval

When you are happy with your proposal, Regal Homes will prepare your working drawings and have your building contract completed and made ready for you to take to your lender for formal finance approval.

After finance is formerly approved, you pay the deposit and Regal Homes will lodge the plans with the local authorities for approval to build.

Ready to move to the country?